Have a smaller job going in and looking for a remnant? Listed below are our current available remnants that are available for granite and quartz countertops and vanities. 

62.5x35 Dwyer Ashford

47x41 Light Granite

46x42 Brick Granite

43x33 White/Black Granite

42x35 Dark Quartz

45x37 Antique Gold (Leathered Finish)

72x37 LG Symphony

47x25 Gold and Black

58x25.5 Light Granite

66x40 Dark Granite

61x39 Silestone Indian Pearl

42x32 Dark Quartz

53x27.5 Orange Granite

51x36 Black/Blue Granite

43x37 Mont Palmetto

48x40  Gold Granite

53.5x25 Light Granite

46x44 Dwyer Ashford

46x34 Green Granite

36.5x24.5 CQ Cotton White

54x42 Red Granite

57x31 CQ Paradise Cove

53x30.5 Tuscany Cream

50x24 Uba

52x44.5 Uba

50x36 Dwyer Paradise

48x24.5 Grey/Blue Granite

63x39 LG Solar Canyon

59x54 Radianz Appalachian Umber

61x25 Venetian Gold

54x31.5 ColorQuartz Storm

55x28 LG Sienna Sand

91x24.5 Silestone Mahogany

57.5x31 ColorQuartz Bronze

63.25x41.25 Mont Toscano

45x39 LG Silver Lake

50x25.5 Sierra Bedrock

63x24 LG Symphony

46x26 Solaris

54x38 LG Symphony

66x24 Uba

62x26 Eternal Serena Suede

47x29 Brown Marble

50x34 Dark Brown Granite

62x46.5 Tuscany Cream

44x29 Urban-Brushed Finish

67x23.5 Gold Granite

51x33 LG Silver Lake

50x27 Hanstone Tiffany Grey

69.5x34 LG Brown

56x37.5 Mont Toscano

51x31 Mont Mosaic

49.5x41.5 Dark Cream Granite

53x37.5 Radianz Kenya Gray

57x37 Mont Espresso

42x53 Cream and Black Granite

41x38 LG Nimbus

42.5x41 Red Granite

55x25 Rosa Stardust

51x47 Blue Pearl

64x27 Cream and Black Granite

58x32 Sedona

48x36 Tennessee Hills Granite

50x29 Acacia

45x24 Sierra Bedrock

69x28 Rusty Quartzite

51x30 ColorQuartz Cotton White

46x33 Cadiz

57x27 Brown Granite

82x24.5 LG Symphony

75x25 Solaris

39x38 Grey Birch Suede

56x24 Volga Blue

49.5x30 Volga Blue

100x26 Gold Granite

97.5x38 LG Symphony

44x37 Grey Birch Suede

43x37 Azul Platino

119.5x28.5 LG Bourbon

100x29.5 Chocolate Brushed Finish

48x25 Steel Grey Brushed Finish

40x30.5 Steel Grey Leathered Finish

45x24 ColorQuartz Pearl

51x31 Beige Quartz

36x30 Black Pearl- Dual Finish

80x48 Uba Tuba

50x29 Cream and Black Granite

58x31 ColorQuartz Emperor

54x25 Radianz Antigua Beach

49x37 Hanstone Uptown Grey

45x29 LG Juniper Trail

57x33 Dark Granite

60x29 Caesarstone Simple White

62x42 ColorQuartz Mammoth

45x23.5 Radianz Saint Helens

59x41 Radianz Aleutian White

48x24 Santa Cecilia Light

43x27 Black Pearl

45x25 Statuario Fiora

50x34 Dark Brown Granite

46x36 Black Uba Tuba - Dual Finish